Win Money Playing Fantasy Football

Playing fantasy football for money has never been easier or more readily accessible than it is today with the number of sites open to users. There are different types of fantasy betting sites that allow players to play for and win money. And no, we aren't just talking about the side bet and pools that you play for in leagues with friends and co-workers. We are talking about legit betting sites set up to run fantasy football leagues, but with a twist. There are a couple types of websites that we want to bring to the forefront of the conversation. They are fantasy football betting sites, and traditional fantasy football sites hosting leagues.

What you should know is that the opportunity to play for money at either type of site can take place. is all about informing potential fantasy players about their options to try and win money through fantasy leagues. You'll find information on how to play at each type of site where the goal is to win cash, actual examples of sites that are currently in operation, and other pertinent information related to it all.

Can I Get In Trouble For Gambling On Fantasy Football? Is It Legal?

Players will be happy to know that it is perfectly legal to wager money on fantasy football in the United States because it is viewed as a game of skill. It is considered separate from traditional sports betting that is banned and limited across the majority of the U.S. There are several federal laws that have ruled on the matter where fantasy football are excluded for a couple of reasons. First, the law doesn't see this as directly betting on a game, and second, fantasy betting is considered more of a skill than it is 'gambling'.

The fact that playing fantasy football for money is legal has paved the way for sites to be formed. These sites are incredibly big, paying players out millions of dollars each month. And to think, these sites have only been in existence since around 2009 which only leads one to ponder where they would be had they started these websites much earlier!

How Do I Win Money Playing Fantasy Football Online?

The overall theme of winning money through fantasy leagues is the same. The goal is to beat the other teams that are formed through the accumulation of points. These points are derived from the players selected by the users.

For traditional leagues, those players are on a user's team throughout the entire season unless a transaction is made. For a betting fantasy site, the user's team can be with them for a day or a week. With no draft, different teams can have similar players competing against each other, where then the performance of a certain amount will ultimately determine the outcome.

With fantasy league betting sites though, money can be won even if a user doesn't win the league outright. Depending on how many participants are in a given tournament, there can be payouts to players in the top-five, top-10, top-50, or however the tournament is set up at the start. That means users can profit even without winning the tournament outright, which is a nice feature because some of the tournaments can get quite large.

Best Websites That Have Fantasy Football For Money

Wagering Money At Preseason Draft, Season-Long Fantasy Football Websites - The entire process of winning money through traditional fantasy football league site involves several steps. There is the enrollment of a player into a league, then the draft, and finally managing and operating the team that owner puts together. This lasts the entire season in most cases, or right up to the very end because that last bit of the regular season is needed to decide the winner of the playoffs / league championship. At many sites, packages can be purchased that set down the cash and prizes which will be awarded to the winner, and any subsequent finishers in the rules that win something as well. These sites typically do not offer great value but if you can't play fantasy football for money with friends, these websites are the next best choice!

Weekly Fantasy Football Websites With Cash Prizes - The opportunities to win money at betting sites offering fantasy football are exponentially higher than at a traditional season-long league. The reason for this is because of the daily league and weekly league concept. It’s basically an entire season worth of results that can take place in one day or one week. Then after those leagues are completed, players can pick back up and form an entirely new team in another day, or they can choose to wait and play again at another point down the line.

This gives those users at a fantasy betting site the chance to form hundreds or thousands of teams in a season if they want. There will be several different ways that users can play in leagues, which will be stipulated by the specific site. The point is that this type of fantasy betting website has a great deal of real-money chances to win.

Funding Fantasy Football Accounts With Money

The specific methods to make a deposit will be displayed on the site that you are on. With most of these sites operating in the United States, a variety of credit cards are accepted, as is the e-wallet PayPal. Transfers of funds from your account to the account on site are made very quickly. Most deposits go through immediately and are available to spread around to different tournaments and leagues instantly.

For a specific listing of deposit methods, we invite you to browse our page dedicated to depositing into sites for cash. Not only will you learn more about the methods, but you can find out which sites accept which types of credit cards and other methods.

Withdrawal + Collecting Fantasy Football Winnings

Similar to deposit, the methods to get payout will be listed on site. But the majority of payout will come in the form of a check mailed out to the user, or through a PayPal transaction back onto their account. That's why PayPal is often popular to deposit, because then the site can electronically transfer the winnings right there, and will be in place in a matter of seconds.

Exactly what the payout parameters are should be something to keep in mind as well. On our individual site review we detail the limits of payouts for each site we have covered, so this information is available to you. Be sure to check these sites out and find out what payout options and limited there are.